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Protecting You From Fraud Charges

A fraud charge can be a devastating blow. Not only will you face criminal penalties such as prison and fines, but also a victim can file a civil lawsuit against you seeking monetary damages. It’s a one-two punch that may lead to permanent consequences, including tarnishing your reputation.

Protecting yourself is critical against any criminal charge. When accused of criminal fraud, it’s crucial to immediately contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer who knows how to deal with complicated cases and complicated personalities such as prosecutors and judges. Weinstock Levin of Atlantic City, New Jersey, can do that for you.

Negotiating With Prosecutors, Seeking Dismissals

With a resume that includes working as a prosecutor, attorney Ed Weinstock brings this experience to guide clients through a legal maelstrom. He knows the inner workings of criminal courts, and has developed relationships with local prosecutors and regional judges. He can negotiate with prosecutors to get the charges reduced as well as rely on his legal know-how to get the charges dismissed. And as an experienced trial attorney, Mr. Weinstock will stridently represent you in court and fight for an acquittal.

If you are arrested on suspicion of fraud, you will face criminal and civil penalties. A conviction in criminal court may lead to imprisonment, probation or parole, stiff fines, and paying restitution to the victim(s) for their financial losses. The latter could take years to pay. From a civil court perspective, the victim(s) may file a private lawsuit against you, seeking punitive damages, restitution and monetary judgment against you.

A Variety Of Fraud Charges Exist

Weinstock Levin has represented many clients facing criminal fraud charges. We take each case seriously, listen to our clients and provide solid legal advice that may help them beat the charges. The criminal fraud cases we’ve worked on include:

  • Identity theft
  • Credit and debit card fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Check and wire fraud
  • Mail fraud
  • Forgery
  • Gambling fraud
  • Romance scams

We also aggressively defend clients who have been accused of more serious white collar crimes. Don’t go at it alone. When you face legal troubles, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney.

An Aggressive Criminal Law Firm That Will Guide You

Our legal focus is on criminal defense, and we can assist you. Fraud charges can lead to criminal and civil penalties such as prison and paying punitive damages. You need a knowledgeable, aggressive and reliable lawyer to defend you. Weinstock Levin, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is a passionate and detail-oriented firm. We can represent you effectively. For a free consultation, contact us at 609-297-3624 or send us an email.