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Experienced, Effective Criminal Defense Against The Most Serious Charges

Being arrested on a charge of murder, assault or another violent crime could change your life forever. Before you have had your day in court, you have been publicly accused of a severe crime. Your only hope is to take action as soon as possible to preserve your rights, such as the presumption of innocence and the right to a fair trial.

For experienced and highly capable defense against violent crimes charges, contact Weinstock Levin. Located in Atlantic City, we argue cases in courthouses throughout New Jersey. Our principal attorneys, Ed Weinstock and Joseph Levin, are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as criminal defense attorneys. Our track record in the courtroom shows we will provide you with an aggressive, effective defense, no matter how serious the charges against you might be.

A History Of Success With All Violent Crimes Charges

We have defended clients against all forms of violent criminal charges, including:

  • Homicide and manslaughter, including vehicular manslaughter
  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault, such as assault with a deadly weapon
  • Domestic violence against a relative or household member
  • Gun-related crimes
  • Property damage and other forms of disorderly conduct

Though you might feel hopeless right now, there is always something we can do to assert your rights and reduce the impact of the charges. We will listen carefully to your side of the story without judgment. We will go over the evidence and how the police obtained it for signs of errors or abuse of your rights. Our criminal law attorneys regularly get violent crimes charges dismissed or reduced because of our attention to detail and aggressive pursuit of justice for our clients. Trial is always an option. We go to court to win.

Discuss Your Charges With A Criminal Law Attorney For Free

Schedule a free consultation by calling 609-297-3624 or toll-free 800-549-7594 to reach out to our Atlantic City office. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get to work defending your freedom. You can also reach us by email.