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Strong Defense Against Sex Crime Charges

It can be a stunning, shocking surprise. And it will likely change your life forever. You’ve been charged with a sex crime. Suddenly, the “scarlet letter” of being a registered sex offender becomes a permanent part of your life. You don’t want this. You just don’t need this, especially if falsely accused. But what do you do?

It’s time to fight this charge. You need a solid, effective and dependable ally. The first thing you need to do is contact a knowledgeable and aggressive criminal defense attorney who has experience representing clients charged with sex crimes. Weinstock Levin has the know-how. Led by Ed Weinstock, our criminal law firm has represented clients charged with sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault, internet crimes, solicitation and prostitution. We have represented clients faced with state and federal charges.

Sex Crime Convictions Lead To Serious Consequences

If convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey, you are required to register as a sex offender. This can have a permanent stain on your life. There are many other consequences with a conviction, which can:

  • Lead to several years in prison
  • Affect where you live, work and travel
  • Limit your access to the internet, websites and social media
  • Prevent you from participating in activities that involve children
  • Lead to law enforcement constantly monitoring your personal activities

Mr. Weinstock has experience as a former prosecutor and brings that knowledge to fight for our clients who face serious criminal charges and penalties. He will seek a dismissal of the charges, negotiate with prosecutors to get the charges reduced and be an aggressive defender to obtain a courtroom acquittal.

When You Need A Dedicated Lawyer, Call Us

Sex crimes are serious and delicate matters. If you or a loved one faces sex crime charges, you need a diligent and dedicated criminal defense lawyer. We, at Weinstock Levin, in Atlantic City, New Jersey, can represent you to the best of our abilities. For a free consultation, contact us at 609-297-3624.