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Experienced Assistance With Expungements

One of the most serious consequences of a criminal conviction beyond possible jail time is its long-term presence on your public record. At Weinstock Levin, we fully appreciate the lifelong impact a criminal conviction can have. We regularly assist clients with the expungement of previous convictions so they can move forward.

Helping You Move Forward With Confidence

Call us at 609-297-3624 or 800-549-7594 toll-free to discuss your goals with our experienced Atlantic County expungement attorney. We provide a free consultation and honest evaluation of your case.

Paving The Way For Future Opportunities

Beyond the criminal penalties, a criminal conviction can limit your future opportunities and hobble your goals. A criminal conviction will show up on every background check you are required to take, including that for a new job, college applications, some financial loans, rental applications and other opportunities.

New Jersey law allows individuals the opportunity to clear certain criminal offenses, though not all offenses can be expunged, including DUI/DWI, which is classified as a traffic offense. Attorney Ed Weinstock assists clients in determining whether their case is eligible for expungement. If so, he offers diligent guidance throughout the process, helping clients meet the specific requirements according to their unique cases.

Our services include helping criminal defense clients whose cases may be dismissed or acquitted in protecting their rights to immediate expungement of their criminal record and assisting those with previous convictions to gain a fresh start.

Let Us Help You Clear Your Criminal Record

To discuss your case and the possibility of expungement with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact our Atlantic City office at 609-297-3624 or 800-549-7594 toll-free. We offer a free initial consultation to each prospective client. Our firm accepts all major credit cards.