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DUI And Traffic Violations Defense

If you have been arrested and charged with drinking and driving or another traffic violation, time may be running out to protect your rights. Your best chance of preserving your driving privileges and your freedom is to contact us at Weinstock Levin as soon as possible. Our team of highly qualified DUI attorneys is here to help you deal with DUI and other traffic-related charges in municipal court in Atlantic City and throughout South Jersey.

Taking On All Traffic Tickets In South Jersey

Contact our DUI attorneys for defense against any traffic-related criminal matter, including:

Depending on how many points you have on your driving record, a traffic ticket can lead to expensive surcharges or getting your license suspended. Getting your license back after a suspension can be difficult in New Jersey, but we will use our deep knowledge of the municipal court system to fight for your driving privileges.

Aggressive DUI Lawyers For Atlantic City

Of course, DUI charges can have more serious consequences, including a jail sentence. But do not lose hope. Our DUI lawyers have handled thousands of DUI cases. We know the signs of errors by the arresting officer, such as:

  • Improper calibration or use of a breath test device
  • Incorrect assessment of field sobriety tests
  • Lack of probable cause to pull over your vehicle

We will leverage any holes in the case against you to get the DUI charges reduced. Many times, we are able to get DUI charges dismissed without having to go to court. Most importantly, we will do whatever is possible to keep you out of jail so you can move on with your life.

You Have Rights As A Motorist. Protect Them.

Don’t let police and prosecutors try to intimidate you into pleading guilty. Instead, contact our DUI attorneys to defend you. Call Weinstock Levin at 609-318-3932 or toll-free 800-549-7594, or email us to schedule a free consultation.