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Casino Crimes Defense Attorney in Atlantic City

The criminal law attorneys of Weinstock Levin have successfully represented numerous individuals charged with crimes allegedly committed in casinos throughout the state. The firm has handled cases involving casino employees, managers and visitors in all types of casino-related crimes. The firm’s lawyers understand the complexities and nuances of representing such cases, including working with casino lawyers toward the most advantageous possible outcome.

Fraudulent Activity And Cheating In A Casino in South Jersey

The lawyers at Weinstock Levin represent persons accused of cheating the casino and the following casino-related crimes:

  • Cheating and swindling
  • Betting scams
  • Illegal gambling schemes
  • Structured transactions
  • Bad checks
  • Nonpayment of markers
  • Fraud
  • Scamming
  • Underage gambling
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Prostitution
  • Defiant trespass
  • Simple assault
  • Harassment
  • Public intoxication

These are complex criminal matters that require a detailed understanding of the inner workings of a casino, including rules, policies and monitoring. Such cases often involve large amounts of money, meaning significant jail time could be on the line.

The firm’s criminal law attorneys will work aggressively and knowledgeably to investigate the charges against you and protect you from the full brunt of sentencing. They work with experts and investigators to skillfully defend your rights, prepared to try even the most difficult or complex case.

Disorderly Conduct In Casinos

Weinstock Levin also represents individuals who have been arrested at the casino for disorderly conduct, such as fighting, underage gambling, drunkenness, robbery and theft, or drunk driving. If you have been removed and banned from a casino in the past, you can be arrested for trespassing if you return to the premises. The firm’s attorneys will zealously advocate on your behalf, protecting you from the sentencing that you could face.

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If you have been arrested in a casino or charged with fraudulent activity in the casino, Weinstock Levin has the experience and defense skills you need on your side. Contact the Atlantic City law firm today by calling 609-297-3624 or emergency at 609-214-8446 to discuss your legal options.

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