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Can sending photos get you into legal trouble?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Sex Crimes

People send pictures to each other all the time. Some of these are interesting things they see. Others are selfies that they take. For some people, selfies might be a bit risqué. While this doesn’t cause a problem in most cases, it can be a very serious issue in others.

The age of the recipient, sender, and subject are all factors in whether there’s a legal issue or not. It’s considered child pornography if anyone involved in the selfie sending or receipt is a minor who’s engaging in any act that’s considered sexual in nature.

Can teens and young adults face legal trouble?

It’s possible for teens and young adults to face criminal charges for child pornography if they exchange any sexually explicit images and someone is underage. Because of this, it’s best to avoid sending those types of images.

Even adults should be careful with who they exchange those types of images with. You can face criminal charges if any party isn’t an adult, even if you didn’t know they were underage.

It’s also against the law to spread or share pictures of someone else as a method of revenge. Even if you get into an argument with someone who sent you sexually explicit pictures, you should keep them to yourself so you don’t end up facing criminal charges. This is especially true if they’re a minor.

Anyone facing criminal charges related to sexual acts should ensure they understand their rights. Working with someone familiar with these charges is beneficial since it can help to explore the options for a defense strategy. Ideally, you’ll do this quickly if you’re facing criminal charges of any sort.