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The benefits of expunging your criminal record

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | expungements

You may have broken the law in the past and probably even served your sentence. However, the criminal record that came with it still haunts you – even though you are now a law-abiding citizen. So how do you go about leaving everything behind and starting over?

You can do this through expungement,  a court process that wipes out your criminal history. It means that your criminal past will (usually) not show up on a background search, and you do not have to disclose it to anyone. 

This will improve the quality of your life in the following ways:

It will be easier to obtain employment or housing

Getting a decent job with a criminal record can be challenging. In most instances, potential employers conduct background checks before hiring someone, and if they find out about your criminal past, you may lose out on the opportunity. Additionally, landlords may be hesitant to lease out their property to someone with a criminal record.

You may find it easier to start your family

If you were considering adoption, your application might likely be denied if you have a  record. This is because adoptive parents must meet the stringent requirements before their adoption can be formally approved, including providing your criminal history.

It can give you confidence and peace of mind

With a clear record, you will not always have to look over your shoulder. You will be able to lead a normal life without worrying that someone will dig up your past and use it against you.

What you need to know

Importantly, not all crimes are eligible for expungement. Therefore, it is essential to have all the necessary information before starting the process. If you qualify to have your record expunged, it could be the best opportunity to start over your new lease of life on a clean slate.