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Keeping your teenagers out of jail is good for their brains

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Criminal charges

Over the decades, much research has gone into determining the long-term consequences of incarcerating youths. For example, research indicates that adolescent brains have not developed enough for teenagers to understand the consequences of their actions. Research also suggests that youth is a time in which adolescent brains have a strong sensitivity to rewards. Logically, this could play a role in poor decision-making during the teenage years.

In Atlantic City and other New Jersey locations, courts hold teens accountable when they commit juvenile offenses. Depending on the severity of the crime, a court could order that juvenile offenders face incarceration, especially if the charges involve violent crimes.

Avoiding a jail term is a top priority for parents

We know you want to keep your teenager out of jail. Although your reasons are probably personal, we agree that avoiding jail is beneficial for juvenile offenders. We believe in the theory that protecting teens from a jail sentence allows their brains to develop without the added stress of incarceration. As such, we strongly suggest seeking legal guidance for any juvenile offenses your youth may face, regardless of their severity.

Courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, have begun to recognize the importance of helping youths avoid jail and prison. They are willing to listen to your teen’s account of the alleged offense. In many cases, courts are also willing to consider alternative forms of punishment for juvenile offenders if a conviction occurs.

However, your teenager still needs the protection an experienced defense attorney can provide. Many lawyers, including those in our firm, remain committed to protecting youths at the outset of legal trouble.

If your teen is facing severe charges involving juvenile offenses, learn more about your options. You can do this by continuing to review our website, or you may reach out for personalized guidance from our legal team.