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What are the penalties for passing a school bus improperly in New Jersey?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2020 | Traffic Offenses

When it comes to moving violations in New Jersey, some traffic offenses are far more significant than others. Driving decisions that could reasonably put other people in danger will likely carry higher consequences than minor issues, like failing to use your turn signal when making a right-hand turn.

When you consider the fact that school buses contain multiple children, it makes sense that improper passing of a school bus is among the more serious traffic offenses you can commit that doesn’t result in a crash or injury to someone else.

How does New Jersey penalize improper passing of a school bus?

There are two penalties that people have to deal with if they get cited for improperly passing a school bus in New Jersey. The first is a fine. For a first offense, individuals will likely pay a fine of $100, but they could also face up to 15 days in jail. A second offense will result in a $250 fine and the same potential 15 days of incarceration. However, the fines and jail time are not the only concerns.

You also have to worry about the points that the state assesses against your driver’s license. Improper passing of a school bus results in the addition of five points to your record. That means if you have any other infractions in the last three years, you will likely exceed the 6-point cut-off after which you have to pay a penalty surcharge to the state. Additionally, if you have several previous tickets or driving infractions, those five points could put you over the 12-point limit that will result in license suspension.

Fighting a traffic ticket, especially one that carries multiple points, can help you keep your insurance costs low and protect your driving privileges. An experienced attorney can provide valuable assistance.