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Don’t share prescriptions: It’s illegal

On Behalf of | Mar 26, 2020 | Drug Crimes

You and your loved ones always keep your medications together in your medicine cabinet. You have multiple prescriptions for pain relief and other medical conditions.

Recently, you came down with a severe headache and wanted to take a medication that was not prescribed to you. You weren’t home, so your brother brought it to you at work. Unfortunately, someone saw the interaction and called over the officer working there. Both of you were in a world of trouble.

It is illegal to share prescriptions

The officer in your case wasn’t understanding, and you’re facing trouble as a result. What should you know? First of all, it’s illegal to share prescriptions. It can be dangerous and lead to misuse. It can also cause serious side effects, like allergic reactions, that you couldn’t have predicted. For those reasons, it’s best not to share and simply to call your own doctor if you’re unwell.

Those between the ages of 18 and 25 are the most impacted by the misuse of prescriptions, which is why the officer in your case may not have been willing to look past your interaction. Remember, medications come in different dosages for different people, so even if you have a similar prescription, you could be risking your own health to take this one.

There is also a potential for addiction with some drugs that you need to consider. Sometimes, as little as a single dose is enough to lead to a dependency.

If you are caught sharing prescriptions, it’s important to defend yourself. You may have had innocent intentions, but the reality is that it’s not legal to share. Your attorney can work on your behalf to minimize the impact of these charges.