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4 crimes that are common around casinos

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2020 | Casino Crimes

Some people come to Atlantic City just to enjoy the gambling, but it is imperative that all visitors to the area understand some of the more common crimes that occur around casinos. This can help them to avoid these so that they don’t end up experiencing the area’s criminal justice system.

Theft is a huge problem at casinos. Because there are cameras everywhere in these facilities, it is all too easy to get caught taking another person’s belongings. It’s possible that people who have dug a deep debt hole for themselves might resort to this, but it is always illegal.

Cheating is something that casinos take a hard stance against. Things like capping, topping and card counting cost the casinos a lot of money. Using fake coins also falls under this umbrella. While some forms of cheating aren’t actually illegal, there is almost always a way to be charged if it’s determined you’re cheating.

Money laundering is sometimes done in casinos, but this is becoming increasingly difficult. As time moves forward, the laws, regulations and mandates for casinos have made it more difficult for money laundering to occur. Typically, the casino has to report transactions that are over a specific amount, so anything that exceeds that amount will raise flags.

Prostitution is another illegal activity that’s common around casinos. There are stiff penalties in this state for offering services as a prostitute and hiring a prostitute. You should think carefully if you’re thinking of engaging in this type of activity.

Visitors and locals who are accused of any of these crimes should remember that they have specific rights. One of these is the right to be represented by legal counsel. Ensure you invoke your rights and start working on your defense as soon as possible after you learn you’re being charged.