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Answers to your questions about expunging your record

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | expungements

Having a history of criminal activity on your record can make life difficult in many ways. You will likely have trouble finding a good job, for example. Many Atlantic City residents with a criminal record also suffer from broken relationships, loss of their reputations and difficulty purchasing or renting homes.

What if it was possible to have your record cleaned of any criminal activity? It isn’t as difficult as you may have thought to accomplish this goal. Expungements in New Jersey have become less complicated in recent years as explained by this news story published in 2018.

Not all crimes qualify for expungements. For example, it is notoriously difficult to have sex crimes expunged from a person’s history. Other crimes that are typically not eligible for expungements include murder, terrorism, crimes against children and arson. However, if you have any connection to lesser crimes—even those that did not result in a conviction—you may be eligible for an expungement.

In our years of serving Atlantic City residents, we have helped many people overcome the black marks that once haunted their lives. As such, we urge all New Jersey residents interested in having their records cleansed to reach out for experienced legal counsel.

When you consider the lasting consequences of having a criminal background, it is worth your time to explore the possibility of expunging your record. We invite you to continue exploring our firm’s website for additional information about criminal defense and expungements. Our lawyers also welcome any questions you may have about and invite you to reach out for personalized guidance.