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Nearly 50 people charged in connection with drug distribution

On Behalf of | Sep 5, 2019 | Drug Crimes

A huge anti-drug operation in Newark has resulted in the arrests of dozens of people and the recovery of a massive amount of drugs and cash, according to local sources. New Jersey authorities have arrested and/or charged 47 people with a variety of crimes, including drug distribution. Many of those individuals have been apprehended, while several remain at large. Court dates for the incarcerated individuals have not been announced. 

The details of the eight-month investigation, dubbed Operation Short Storm, have not been made public, but it has been confirmed that the drug ring was widespread throughout Essex County. The operation itself centered on the Monroe Street Social Club, where the operation is believed to have been headed up. Dozens of search warrants were executed in the course of Short Storm, resulting in the arrests of 31 people and charges for 16 more. 

Police say they seized 12 vehicles allegedly used for the retail of drugs throughout the county, as well as 2,300 kilograms of marijuana and an additional 2 kilograms of cocaine. The street value of the seized drugs is estimated at $1 million, and a further $300,000 in cash was also seized. The charges against the individuals believed to have been involved range from drug to weapon charges. If any of these people are found guilty, they could each face considerable prison time. 

However, it is important to remember that drug distribution investigations of this scope carry with them the potential for human error, which can in turn lead to wrongful convictions. This is why each individual facing charges will be represented in New Jersey criminal court by individual defense counsel, who will study the case and evidence carefully. The findings of this exercise will be used to build compelling defenses for each accused individual.