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Impact of a drug conviction

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2019 | Firm News

Drug convictions can take a significant toll on your life. The penalties for your arrest may include prison time or a significant fine. Unfortunately, the impact of a drug conviction does not necessarily end there.

Your arrest for possession or intent to distribute can follow you long after you have already served your time. The mistake you made could affect your ability to do things you took for granted in the past. It could also hinder you your ability to accomplish your goals. Simply put, a drug conviction has the potential to put a significant damper on your daily life.

Employment opportunities

One of the most important issues that a drug conviction may pose in your life is finding a job. Depending on how severe your charges were, you may have trouble finding a career in your field of choice.

Many employers ask prospective employees to agree to a background check. The employer may red flag your application if they see a drug charge in your history. People with a criminal record tend to have a much more difficult time finding a job.

Additionally, a drug conviction will make it even more difficult to land a position in specific fields such as law enforcement, government, legal practice and medical practice.

Rental home options

Similar to finding a job, renting a home may become more difficult with a drug conviction on your record. You may no longer be able to find a place in an ideal location due to your criminal record.

Landlords, like employers, often ask potential tenants to submit to a background check. If your drug charge shows up, it is less likely that a landlord would feel comfortable renting to you. It is difficult for a landlord to trust a person with a criminal record to not only keep his or her property safe but also to pay rent on time.

Loan eligibility

Having a drug conviction on your record may make it very difficult to get a loan. Naturally, when a financial institution gives someone a loan, the goal is to eventually have that money paid back. Your criminal history will make you a riskier client because it will likely make it more difficult for you to pay off your loan than someone with a clean record.

As a result, you could have your application for a housing, car or student loan denied largely due to your drug conviction.

Loss of rights

Depending on the severity of your drug conviction, you may also lose some of your basic rights as a citizen of the United States. You may lose your ability to own a gun, vote in an election or sit on a jury due to a felony drug conviction. Additionally, you may have your passport revoked, making it impossible for you to travel outside of the country.