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2 face drunk driving charges in New Jersey

On Behalf of | May 28, 2019 | dui

Police in Hackettstown have arrested two people for allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol, one of whom arrived to pick the other up from the police station, according to the report. New Jersey authorities have confirmed the arrest of a 21-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man for suspected drunk driving. Both have since been released, and so far no court date has been publicly announced for either party. 

According to the report, the woman was pulled over for a moving violation sometime around midnight on May 24 on Route 46. Police on the scene say they smelled alcohol on her, though they did not mention in the report whether they performed roadside sobriety testing. The woman was arrested on the scene and charged with reckless driving, careless driving, DWI and DWI in a school zone. She was taken to a local police station for processing. 

Once at the station, the woman reportedly called the 24-year-old male friend to come pick her up after she was released. However, when the man arrived and police were speaking to him in the lobby, they say they also smelled alcohol on him. He was also arrested on the scene and charged with both DWI and reckless driving. It is unclear whether either of them have retained criminal defense counsel yet. 

When these individuals have their respective day in court, it will be up to New Jersey authorities to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that both individuals were guilty of drunk driving on the night in question. They may choose to present evidence, including breath test results or blood testing indicating a high blood alcohol level. Their respective attorneys will have the opportunity to review any such evidence before it is admitted as part of court proceedings.